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What are the benefits of a postpaid and a prepaid account?

Both Postpaid as Prepaid can be beneficial. Below you will see the differences between Postpaid and Prepaid:


  1. You will receive an invoice for the messages sent over our Gateway (paying afterwards)
  2. Minimum monthly spend of 250 Euros
  3. Requires choosing a message limit and security deposit of minimum 500 Euros; the deposit allows you to send messages up to the limit of 100.000 SMS.
  4. Extra features: dedicated account manager, 24/7 support from our Customer Service Team, real time logging of all your SMS traffic, SMPP connection possible, and more.


  1. Paying a SMS bundle in advance online (minimum bundle of 250 Euro, valid for 1 year)
  2. No monthly spend/costs
  3. No deposit required
  4. Create an account yourself via our website SMSgateway.to
  5. Self-supporting platform; only basic features
Last modified on 24/11/2017
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