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How to personalise an SMS

You can personalise SMS via SMS Campaigns by

  1. Using a group that has Custom Fields (How to upload a (personalised) group)

  2. Send via SMS Campaigns To add (part) of the content, simply go the the SMS Campaigns app and click on the plus-icon. Then select the group you want to send to:

How to personalise an SMS | CM Help Center

After that, you can add the content of a column in your excel by clicking on the column title that matches your group (in the example we matched this to "Custom field 1".

How to personalise an SMS | CM Help Center

Then, you can send the message confidently that the phone number in row 16 in this case will receive the message corresponding with that phone number. You can also add text that all recipients will see (i.e. Hi {{firstname}})

Last modified on 30/12/2017
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