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How to send via Send

Send via Send Messages

Compose the message body if it wasn’t incluced in the Excel file. You can compose a text and send it to all recipients via the Send app:

How to send via Send | CM Help Center

At the bottom of the input box you’ll find a counter. This counter shows the amount of characters in your message, the number of characters left and whether it is a Unicode message you are about send. A message using the standard GSM alphabet can contain 160 characters. When you use the Unicode alphabet you are limited to 70 characters. When you use more characters the message will be sent in multiple parts.

After composing the message text you need to input or select the sender for your message. A sender (originator) can contain a maximum of 11 characters. If you send messages to operators that do not allow an alphanumeric sender name we will overwrite the sender with a numerical one.

Last modified on 02/01/2018
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