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What are the guidelines for SMS in Belgium?

The rules are called GOF guidelines for SMS and have been set up by the Belgian telecom providers (Base/KPN, Mobistar, Proximus and Telenet). Their aim is to make all parties involved follow the same rules and thereby improve the overall experience for the end user.

Some main points: - Companies cannot charge customers and consumers (end users) for receiving an SMS they haven’t asked for. Companies can only charge end users if the latter have given their explicit consent. - A company must immediately cancel an end user’s subscription to an SMS service, if the latter sends the word ‘stop’ to a specific short code. Misspellings such as ‘sToP’ and ‘TSOP’ should also be interpreted as ‘stop’. - Shortcodes and prices must be clearly visible for the end user on the screen; specific fonts and font sizes apply.

SMS guidelines (in EN, NL and FR)

Last modified on 27/11/2017
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