How to use templates in Campaigns?

Templates can be used to easily send out messages that have the same, or similar content. You create the template once, and can then create multiple messages from that Template.

Once you are in the Campaigns app, click on the blue plus icon to create a new Template.

How to use templates in Campaigns? | CM Help Center

You will see the option to (1) create a new Message or (2) create a new Template. Click on New Template.

How to use templates in Campaigns? | CM Help Center

This will bring you to a new screen where you can set the contents of your Campaign without actually sending it out. The information that you fill out here is later automatically filled in in a Campaign.

Name Give your Template a recognizable name so you can easily find it back later.

Channel Specify which channel you want to send the Campaign on. It will only show the Channels that you have activated in your account.

Recipients optional You can specify whether you already want to define the recipients in the Template. This can be convenient if you always send a similar message to the same group of people.

Sender Specify the name that you want to use as a Sender. This is the name that people will see once they receive the message

Message The contents of the message. This is mandatory field, but you can modify the contents once you send out the Campaign.

How to use templates in Campaigns? | CM Help Center

Once you are satisfied with the Template you can save it. When you go back to the overview you can start a new Campaign from the newly created Template.

Last modified on: 23/07/2019
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