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Brazil +55

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Country Info
Mobile Country Code: 724
Mobile Prefix: xx6, xx7, xx8, xx9 (xx represent area codes)
Mobile Number Portability: yes (only if number stays in the same area code)
Mobile Phones: 209M
Population: 267M

Telecom Authority: Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes

CM's Country Regulation Interpretation
All international A2P traffic should always be sent by a shortcode. Operators don't allow A2P traffic to come from long numeric senders but at time of writing they have been unable to ban these practices.
CM offers a shortcode solution for all customers that would like to optin to Brazil.
Please contact your account manager for help with the optin process.

Sender restrictions
All senders will be changed to our shared shortcode.
We can offer a dedicated shortcode solution on request.

Content restrictions
Besides gambling or political restrictions, there are no other content restrictions than those that prevent abuse (spam, phishing, etc).

Operator capabilities
Handset DLR is supported by all operators except Oi and Brazil Telecom.
Concatenated SMS is supported by all Brazilian operators.
Unicode is not supported by Brazilian operators except Tim and Claro .

CM's advantage
CM can deliver to ported numbers in Brazil.
CM has a one-hop connection to all Brazilian operators.

Last modified on 13/09/2016
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