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China +86

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Country Info
Mobile Country Code: 460
Mobile Prefix: 13, 15, 18
Mobile Number Portability: yes
Mobile Phones: 1.3B
Population: 1.4B

Telecom Authority: Miit

CM's Country Regulation Interpretation
All content into China has to be pre-approved. Every message needs a signature added at the beginning of the body stating the original company name in Chinese (and/or English).

Sender Restrictions
Alphanumeric senders are not allowed.
Numeric senders are not allowed.
Shortcode senders are not allowed.

Content Restrictions
There are restrictions on political, religious, gambling and adult content on top of those that prevent abuse (spam, phishing, etc).

All China operators support handset DLR.
All China operators support concatenated SMS
All China operators support unicode.

CM's advantage
CM has indirect access to an MNP database of China.
CM has a direct connections to China Telecom.

Last modified on 02/12/2016
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