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Kuwait +965

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Country Info
Mobile Country Code: 419
Mobile Prefix: 5, 6, 9
Mobile Number Portability: yes
Mobile Phones: 8M
Population: 4M

Telecom Authority: Government

CM's Country Regulation Interpretation
Because there is no dedicated telecom authority, the operators have each taken measures to protect themselves from abusive behavior. Technically everything is allowed, but in practice the operators have very restrictive policies. All operators have some degree of filtering in place to counter spam.
Because of this we can't guarantee delivery of your preferred sender.

Sender Restrictions
Alphanumeric senders are allowed.
Numeric senders are allowed.
Shortcode are allowed.

Content Restrictions
There are no restrictions other those that prevent abuse (spam, phishing, etc).

Operator capabilities
Wataniya supports handset DLR. Zain and Viva support SMSC DLR
All Kuwaiti operators support concatenated SMS
All Kuwaiti operators support unicode

CM's advantage
CM has indirect access to a live MNP database of Kuwait.

Last modified on 13/09/2016
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