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Malaysia +60

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Country Info
Mobile Country Code: 502
Mobile Prefix: 1
Mobile Number Portability: yes
Mobile Phones: 43M
Population: 31M

Telecom Authority: MCMC

CM's Country Regulation Interpretation
While for some operators the option for dynamic sender is still open, our experience has been that the more reliable option is a shortcode in the 6xxxx range (as appointed by the telecom authority). The addition of cost information to the message body is deemed necessary for customer protection.

Sender Restrictions
Direct connection: Dynamic senders are not allowed. All senders will be changed to a shortcode or longcode.

Dynamic senders are possible for CellCom and UMobile.
For Maxis and Digi only certain numeric senders get through (not reliable).

Content Restrictions
Direct connection: "RM0.00 " (7 char) is added to the message body to indicate that the subscriber can opt-out for free by replying to the SMS.

It is not allowed to send free messages for the promotion of a premium service.
There are restrictions on sensitive content like gambling, politics and religion next to those that prevent abuse (spam, phishing, etc).

Operator capabilities
Only Celcom supports Handset DLR. Other operators in Malaysia return SMSC DLR.
All Malaysian operators except Digi supports Concatenated SMS.
All Malaysian operators support Unicode.

CM's advantage
CM has indirect access to an MNP database of Malaysia.
CM has direct connections to operators through a local partner.
CM has access to 2-way solution via dedicated shortcode.

Last modified on 17/11/2016
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