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Mexico +52

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Country Info
Mobile Country Code: 334
Mobile Prefix: 1
Mobile Number Portability: yes
Mobile Phones: 104M
Population: 128M

Telecom Authority: IFT

CM's Country Regulation Interpretation
Most Mexican operators don't support DLR except Movistar. Therefore most messages will appear to be Accepted or Expired in our logging. Conversionrates for OTP have been over 85% using our main one-hop route.

Another common problem when sending SMS to Mexico is the format of the phone number. When calling or texting from outside Mexico a leading 1 (+52(1)xxx xxx xxxx) is needed for success. However, when delivering sms directly to Mexican operators the prefix should be omitted. CM's system will attempt to deliver any format and may change the number if needed.

Direct routing: opt-in required and delivery is through a shared shortcode.
Please contact support@cm.nl to verify your content and nature of the service.
Indirect routing: Sender will be changed to a random numeric sender and no dlr guarantees.

Sender restrictions
Direct: Only shortcode senders allowed.
Indirect: All senders will be changed to random numeric sender.

Content restrictions
Besides gambling restrictions, there are no other content restrictions than those that prevent abuse (spam, phishing, etc).

Operator capabilities
Only Movistar can return Handset DLR.
All Mexican operators support Concatenated SMS.
Mexican operators don't support Unicode.

CM's advantage
CM has indirect access to a live MNP database of Mexico.
CM has a one-hop connection to all Mexican operators.

Last modified on 13/09/2016
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