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United Arab Emirates +971

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Country Info
Mobile Country Code: 424
Mobile Prefix: 5
Mobile Number Portability: no
Mobile Phones: 17M
Population: 9M

Telecom Authority: TRA

Marketing messages are seperated from Transactional and Informational messages by the following rules:
- Consent from all recipients has to obtained and maintained before sending.
- Unsubscription service has to be provided at all time free of charge.
- Only send during the day from 07:00 to 21:00 UAE Time (GMT+4).

Marketing campaigns (senderid) need to be preregistered before sending (not free). Please provide the following details and documents to your accountmanager:
- Name and explanation of the service.
- Copy of a valid UAE Trading License.
- Support details and optout method.

Transactional and Informational messages don't need to be preregistered or have the same strict regulations but senderid retention is not guaranteed.

Sender Restrictions
Alphanumeric senders are allowed for Marketing messages after registration.
Numeric senders are not allowed.
Shortcode senders are allowed.

Content Restrictions
There are restrictions for Adult content.
There are restrictions for Gambling content.
There are restrictions for Swearing and other profane content.
There are restrictions for Religious content.
There are restrictions for Political content.

Operator capabilities
Both Emirati operators return Handset DLR.
Both Emirati operators support Concatenated SMS.
Both Emirati operators support Unicode.

CM's advantage
CM has can register marketing campaigns and handles full country coverage.

Last modified on 14/12/2016
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