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How to check my Email statistics

C. Campaign analytics

How to check my Email statistics | CM Help Center

Analytics are divided into 5 main parts: 1: Recipients = amount of recipients the campaign has been sent to. ** 2: Delivered** = date and time the campaign has been delivered

3: List = name of the contact list the campaign has been sent to.

4: From = sender address used to send out the campaign. This can be set-up in the “Settings” tab. ** 5: Subject** = this is the object of the email your audience will receive.

  • Results

How to check my Email statistics | CM Help Center

1: Open rate = Number of opened emails / number of delivered emails (here 48/310 = 15.48%).

2: Click rate = Number of clicks / number of delivered emails (here 12/310 = 3.87%).

3: Unsubscribed = Number of people that unsubscribed from the mailing list.

4: Bounced = Number of both unregistered and non-existing email addresses. Typos and emails sent to unsubscribed email addresses are causes of “bounced” emails.

5: Complained = When your email has initiated a complaint by the recipient.

  • Links clicked

Here you have an overview of the links included in your mailer. You can see the number of clicks each link generated. Here the link generated 12 clicks.

  • Recipients

Detailed information about each recipient: when the email has been delivered; if opened, when; if it has been clicked and how many links; and the status (blacklisted, bounced).

Last modified on 27/12/2017
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