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How to send out an Email

Create a new campaign by clicking the Add button in the Campaign overview in Email Campaigns

How to send out an Email | CM Help Center

New campaign menu:

How to send out an Email | CM Help Center

1: Campaigns settings = set-up your campaign (subject, sender name, contact list to send to, scheduling, use of a template, etc.)

To setup a new Sender Email Address, you will need to verify that the email address you are intending to use is managed by you. This verification email address is from our supplying partner.

2: Design = design your email (drag & drop content, define a structure, add buttons, html, etc.).

3: Campaign name name your campaign i.e. “Monthly Newsletter”. This name will only be shown in the App.

4: Send test mail you can either send a test email to selected recipients, or preview the campaign (to see what it looks like in a mailbox or a browser).

5: Back go back to the previous page (campaign overview).

6: Save save your campaign as a draft you can edit or send anytime.

7: Send send your email campaign to your recipients.

Last modified on 27/12/2017
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