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Basic SMS: Send app

  1. Go to the Send app in the platform header.

Basic SMS: Send app | CM Help Center

  1. Click on the “Send messages” input field when in the send app. From that point it is similar to the send-beta app (send-beta.cmtelecom.com). Fill out the “From” ID. This is the ID that the recipient gets to see as the sender.
  2. Select a group and/or add phone numbers manually (be sure to add the international country code (+44 or 0044).
  3. Select a channel (you can upload your app details to send texts via push if possible, contact us if you want this). Otherwise just select SMS
  4. Opt-out. For more insights on the opt-out functionality for the countries you’re sending to, please visit out help center > messaging > Country Specifics.
  5. Click Send ### messages now to…. Send now or schedule if you want to schedule.
Last modified on 30/12/2017
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