SMS Campaigns introduction guide

To send personalised messages or to add a short-URL website link.

1.Go to the SMS Campaigns app.

SMS Campaigns introduction guide | CM Help Center

  1. You can check out basic statistics of sent campaigns here. For more detailed statistics, check out the “Stats” icon. For a new campaign click the + sign.

  2. Select a group and add a campaign name.

  3. After selecting a group, click next step. You now get to the design page

  4. Fill-out the Sender ID, message content and/or add a link. a. If you want to track the amount of clicks on a link, we need to add a tracker. We do this by giving all the recipients a different link, which is shortened. Fill out the link in the box in the bottom left and hit the “Link” bottom. b. You can use merge tags for personalized messages, such as {{}} or {{custom.field1}} for full message content

  5. Opt-out. For more insights on the opt-out functionality for the countries you’re sending to, please visit out help center > messaging > Country Specifics.

SMS Campaigns introduction guide | CM Help Center

  1. When you’re done and you want to check whether the message comes across properly you can send a test to your own phone before proceeding to the confirmation page.The message will use the first row of your group to fill-in the merge tags.
  2. When you’re happy, click “Finalize” to go to the confirmation page/scheduling page.
  3. On page 3. You can select to schedule or send now. After clicking schedule, you can always go back to edit the campaign after scheduling.
  4. Once you’ve sent your campaign, you can check-out the process in the campaign overview page. Like delivery rates and click-through rates.
Last modified on :12/10/2018
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