CERTA Platform Features & Throughput

Here is an non exhaustive list of the platform features:

Certa features

  • Cross-platform operation (send Push messages to Android, iOS, Mac OS X , Safari, Windows (Phone) 8/10)
  • Broadcast, narrowcast and unicast operation
  • Possibility to register multiple filtering criteria (preferences) of textual, numeric, boolean (true/false) or date/time format in order to send pushes to selected target groups based on these values
  • Supports sending of both standard (title, message, sound, action, etc.) notification parameters as well as full-custom data payloads up to 4 kB in size
  • Supports both regular (notification or alert shown to user ASAP) and silent push (app triggered in background to perform some actions or checks on the push data and only then notifying the user or ignoring the push completely)
  • Scalable system suitable for clustered deployments (running on multiple server nodes in parallel - net effect is that we're able to send out millions of pushes per minute, e.g. in a real-life example 3.5 million pushes to NOS subscribers in 15s time)
  • Available as a cloud service hosted in Europe (NL) or as on-premise deployment (custom pricing applies in the latter case)
  • Real 24h support (NOC)
  • REST API available for integration with customer's core systems
  • Client SDKs available for Android, iOS, Windows (Phone), Apache Cordova (for cross-platform html-based mobile apps).
Last modified on :10/03/2018
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