How can I send Hybrid Messages?

You can start sending Hybrid Messages via the “Send Messages” app when you login onto the CM Platform. By default you can use the Notifire app as a push receiver. This app can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. Once you verified your phone number, the app is able to receive Hybrid push messages.

If you have your own app, you can implement our SDK (available for iOS and Android). Once the implementation is complete, you need to upload your push certificate / push API in the App Manager tool (available in the CM Platform). More information on how to use the App Manager can be found here

You can now start sending Hybrid Messages via het “Send Messages” tool in the online platform and select the app your like to use or via the HTTP Messaging Gateway by simply adding your APPKEY to the body. The APPKEY for your own app is unique and will be generated once you added your app to the App Manager. The default APPKEY for Notifire is:

Notifire APPKEY: B29C91D4-E429-477E-9308-B17BB0F91F1F

Last modified on :26/11/2017
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