How do I open a .CSV-file in Excel?

Method 1

  1. Right click on download .csv and click “save link as”. Open this text file in excel. Open the file in excel; it might instantly convert it to columns in which you can work.

  2. If not; Press data > Text to Columns

  3. Press delimited and select “comma” as a delimiter.

  4. Click “Finish”

Method 2

  1. Open file with... a text editor (i.e. Notepad or Wordpad)

  2. Add a new row on top and add the text "sep=," or "sep=;" depending on whether the seperator is a comma or a semicolumn (don't add the quotation marks)

  3. Save the file

  4. Open file with... Microsoft Excel

Method 3

  1. Same as method 1.

  2. Press data > New Query > From File > From Text > Select the downloaded file

  3. Wait for the query editor to load

  4. Press close and load.

Last modified on :12/10/2018
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