How can I get a WhatsApp Business account?

Only companies with a verified Facebook Business account can apply for access to the WhatsApp business solution via Creating such an account is free and easy.


  • Do not create a new Facebook Business account if your organization already has one (to manage Facebook ads or Facebook pages).
  • The account needs to be owned by the company in which name you want to sent the messages. If you are a software integrator you cannot use your own Facebook Business account.
  • If you are a news/media organisation you have to register for the Facebook News index.
  • Make sure to complete your Facebook Business verification.

Register with

After you have taken these steps, we can onboard you within 2 weeks of your application. You will need to comply with ​WhatsApp's Commerce policy and related Rules and regulations

  1. Register to create an account at
  2. Request WhatsApp access via the Channels-app in your dashboard.
    1. Enter your Facebook Business Manager ID. How do I find my FB Manager ID?
    2. Provide us with contact information so that our account managers can reach you for setting up a contract.
    3. Tell us how you intend to use WhatsApp
  3. Create a WhatsApp business profile and phone number for your business in the Channels-app.
    1. Pick a phone number. Restrictions on phone numbers
    2. Pick a channel name. Restrictions on channel names
    3. Provide the business details that will be shown to end users inside the WhatsApp application.
    4. Business details can be changed after your registration is completed, but profile names and phone numbers cannot. Pick them carefully.
  4. An account manager will contact you and begin the contract process.
  5. In your Facebook Business account you need to accept's request to send messages on your behalf.
  6. Sign your contract with
  7. Be onboarded and get started!

Please note that we start at subscriptions of 99 euros a month and that you have to complete the steps before WhatsApp will allow us to send your messages. If the steps are not completed we cannot provide access.

Get started

If you are using Customer Contact you can now open the app in your account. If you are doing a technical integration, please read: How do I implement WhatsApp Business Messaging API.

Last modified on: 08/11/2019
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