Create an event

You can easily create your own event on the Ticketflow Dashboard. In this article you will find a step-by-step explanation on how to set up your event and can start selling your tickets:

  1. Open the tab 'New Event' and fill in the name of the event. Then select the date when the event takes place. (Select the first and final day of the event with both entry and closing time if the event is spread over multiple days) Create an event | CM Help Center

  2. Select or add a new location by clicking the + button. If desired, fill in the additional event information. Create an event | CM Help Center

  3. Open the tab 'Tickets' and add a new ticket type by clicking the 'New ticket type' button. Create an event | CM Help Center

  4. Open the tab 'User Data' and select the information you want to know of your visitors. Create an event | CM Help Center

  5. Open the tab 'Payment Methods' and select the payment methods you want to offer in the ticket shop. Create an event | CM Help Center

  6. Open the tab 'Shoplink' and create a new shop link according to what URL you want to offer your tickets. (The link that is created is dependent on the shop link you create) Create an event | CM Help Center

  7. Copy the shop link that you created before and communicate this with your target group and integrate the shop on your website, using an iframe.

Last modified on :22/11/2017