Ticket scanning on your event

Scan app

As a customer of Ticketflow you can easily handle the ticket validation on your own event with the Ticketflow scan app. During the event you have a real-time insight in the amount of scanned tickets of every entry point on your own smartphone.

De scan app can be used on both iOS and Android. You will receive the login credentials of the scan app via SMS from Ticketflow.

Note: De login credentials of the scan app are not the same as the credentials of the Ticketflow dashboard, due to safety considerations.

A manual on how to use the scan app can be found on the following page: https://help.cmtelecom.com/nl/tickets/scan-app/scan-app-handleiding

For bigger and more complex events you can use Ticketflow’s event services. For more information, please contact us on customersupport@ticketflow.eu

Last modified on :22/11/2017